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Meet A Rotorcraft Pro - Tom Nicholson

Posted by jhadmin

RPMN: What is your current position? I currently work for Air Evac Lifeteam as a base pilot supervisor and flight instructor. Essentially, I'm one of four pilots at an EMS base with the added responsibilities of scheduling and pilot oversight. I also help out the training department with new hires and recurrent flight training as needed. [Read More...]

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Air Evac Lifeteam Turns to DART Aerospace for Skid Solution: Reduces Back Injuries

Posted by jhadmin

Solving two problems at once is bound to generate feelings of accomplishment, and Air Evac Lifeteam found a way to accomplish this on a large scale with the able assistance of DART Aerospace. Air Evac Lifeteam, which operates more than 140 air medical bases in 15 states, needed to find some weight savings after retrofit enhancements to its Bell 206 fleet. So Air Evac came up with the perfect idea to reduce the weight of its 206 Series rotorcraft. Cutting the skid landing gear height not only reduced the total weight by 20-30 pounds, but also reduced aircrew back strains and injuries by making it easier for crew members to load patients. Another bonus was the removal of the foot-high step bar so crew members no longer had to step over it while loading patients. [Read More...]

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Executive Watch - Tony Bonham, Senior Director of Flight Operations at Air Evac Lifeteam

Posted by jhadmin

“Pilots concern me that are continuously bragging of all they have done, how well they can fly, and how great of a pilot they are. Actions speak louder than words, and I want to see professionalism and safety in the way they fly, as opposed to the words they speak.” says Tony Bonham. Bonham’s aviation career began while he was still in high school, and upon graduating he joined the Army to attend flight school. Due to a recruiter’s ignorance, Bonham didn’t fly through his service; instead he stayed on the ground as an air traffic controller in Savannah, Georgia. “I actually went into the Army to fly helicopters but once I got in I found out that my eyes were far too bad to pass the physical for flight school. My recruiter had a field artillery background and was not familiar with aviation requirements and apparently didn’t care enough to learn,” he remembers without bitterness. [Read More...]

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Chasing the Golden Hour: Air Evac Lifeteam Makes Big Strides in Weather Safety

Posted by jhadmin

By Jenna Shepard - There are two main threats to EMS helicopter pilots – weather and darkness, but this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. In 1988, the National Transportation Safety Board investigated 59 helicopter emergency medical services accidents and concluded that low visibility, often caused by poor weather conditions accounted for 61% of all crashes. Since then, little has changed.Although the commercial aviation industry requires that an aircraft be outfitted with everything from weather tracking technologies like onboard radar and GPS to collision avoidance tools, these same requirements are not made of the medical helicopter industry. Furthermore, at a time when air medical companies are being scrutinized due to the sheer number of EMS helicopter crashes and a lack of critical onboard technologies not yet mandated by the FAA, one company is making big strides in the right direction by focusing on weather safety. [Read More...]

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