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Transitioning is Stressful

Posted by jhadmin

Transitioning into the civilian world is stressful for everyone, and this stress causes apprehension and procrastination about preparing for your transition. While others may passively wait for change to happen, or actively avoid change until the last minute, the best strategy is to control your future, which will help reduce stress as a side effect. Feelings you may have about your transition are not yours alone, everyone that has transitioned before you, myself included, have had these feelings. Everyone feels stress during transition; even those that have everything lined up for them feel some sort of stress. Some of the most obvious causes of stress are loss of identity and loss of structure. [Read More...]

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MILITARY to Civilian Flying. Advice on making the jump.

Posted by jhadmin

...I have a few words for those who are trying to start a civilian flying career. You should understand I'm a twenty-year retiree who served in two AD branches, plus the National Guard. So if you're smart, you'll listen, because I'm going to talk to you out of actual experience. The most important thing I can say to you is: Stay in the military until you can retire. Having a pension is the difference between poverty and worry-free living in this industry. If you are really smart, you will bank your flight pay and live off your base pay. [Read More...]

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