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Editor's Letter - Sense of Gratitude

Posted by jhadmin

In my years as owner and editor in chief of Rotorcraft Pro, I’ve never used my platform to share anything personal about myself outside of my helicopter related experiences. But as I crossed the threshold into another new year, I had the urge to reflect on my life, the people in it, and my small place in this industry. My take away—gratitude. I feel blessed more than I deserve, that’s for certain. [Read More...]

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2016 Best of Industry

Posted by jhadmin

We at Rotorcraft Pro reflect on some of our industry’s best as 2016 comes to an end. This special feature focuses on four areas: innovative products, safety efforts, people (living and deceased) who left a legacy, and operators who made an exceptional difference through their work. Best of Industry @ Innovation: Our 2016 innovators contest and social media vote-off spotlights some of the most innovative products in our industry. The winner of this contest receives $5,000 in free Rotorcraft Pro advertising. The second- and third-place finishers are presented prestigious glass awards. Best of Industry @ Safety: Here we recognize the efforts the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team undertook to reduce accidents and increase safety. Best of Industry @ Legacy: We pay tribute to two exceptional people who left a lasting legacy with helicopters. Best of Industry @ Work: We applaud operators who, through readiness and fortitude, performed extraordinarily beneficial work during natural disasters. [Read More...]

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Rotorcraft Pro 2015 U.S. Salary & Benefits Survey

Posted by jhadmin

This year, we at Rotorcraft Pro decided to take a look at helicopter salaries in the industry. There has not been an industry wide effort in the area of salary surveys for nearly a decade and we felt it would be a point of interest for many in the industry, to include pilots and employers. How much do helicopter pilots make? How much are you worth? The first question is fairly easy to answer since all it requires is going through a series of data collection and analysis steps. The second question however is a personal one that requires some introspection and comparative analysis. In other words, everyone wants to know where they stand in relation to their peers in the rest of the industry. Additionally, in order to be competitively attractive, employers want to know whether or not their salary structure is competitive. [Read More...]

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Meet A Rotorcraft Pro - Pete Gillies

Posted by jhadmin

 RPMN: What is your current position?I am the chief pilot for Western Helicopters, Inc. in [Read More...]

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