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Helicopter Engine Advances

Posted by jhadmin

More power, lower fuel consumption, and safer/simpler operations: These are only some of the advances being achieved in helicopter engine technology today. In fact, there is so much amazing progress being made that we’re cutting this introduction short – to get straight to the cool stuff. Honeywell Runs with the HTS900 Builder of legacy helicopter turbine engines such as the T53 (used on the Bell UH-1 Huey) and the LTS101 (Bell 222 and Airbus Helicopters H125), Honeywell Aerospace is now forging ahead with its new HTS900 turboshaft engine. The HTS900 incorporates improvements gleaned from Honeywell’s joint projects with the U.S. government. Its mission is to be a turbine engine that is more powerful and fuel-efficient than older engine models; all within a compressor architecture that has room for future upgrades. [Read More...]

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