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Torquing the Airbus EC145 Mast Nut Just got easier

Advanced Torque Products (ATP) of Newington, CT has been working hard with Airbus to improve the torquing method of the mast nut on the EC145. And they’re excited to announce this custom tooling kit is now available to anyone working on the EC145 mast nut.

This tooling was developed working directly with maintenance professionals in the Airbus training facility to assure it met all the needs of the tool operators. The purpose in developing this alternate tooling was to address current complexities. Some of the issues maintenance professionals were facing was working with heavy tooling upside-down and having limited visibility through the reaction stand, which have proven to be a significant challenge working on the EC145. Without an appropriate mechanism in place to lock the tool in position from underneath, stability and alignment has been lost and accuracy put at risk.
The new ATP760 tooling has addressed all the issues with the current method. The ATP760 drastically reduces application time, increases accuracy to within +/-1%, takes away operator fatigue from holding the tool in place and increases overall operator safety.

See Tool Specifications Here

Airbus – Technical Instructor says –

“Working with the team at Advanced Torque Products has been a great experience in developing the EC145/H145 Mast Nut Torque Tool. Installation is easy, operation is easy, and one of the best things is that the torque device is fixed to the fitting, which is far better than the hand help torque multiplier currently being used.”

ATP Digital Torque Multipliers™ provide accuracy in the shop and in the field, because it’s equally essential in real world situations. All ATP Digital Torque Multipliers™ are 100% mechanical utilizing stacked planetary gear systems and can operate accurately within some of the harshest environments. From the polar ice caps of the Antarctic to the Sahara desert, they just work.

ATP is dedicated to the constant innovation and perfection of their Digital Torque Multipliers™ to meet all the stringent demands of the Aerospace Industry.
ATP is an ISO9001 certified company, proudly supporting the Aerospace Industry with torque tools for both assembly and maintenance.

For more information, visit www.advancedtorque.com.

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