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Aircraft Propeller Service (APS) Completes Its 100thHelicopter Main and Tail Rotor Servo Actuator Overhaul & Repair (Squirrel/Dauphin/AW109/AW119)

Lake Zurich, IL…Aircraft Propeller Service, LLC (APS, www.aircraftpropeller.com, Lake Zurich, IL), one of the world’s leading commercial propeller Maintenance Repair Organizations (MROs), announced today that it has completed its 100thhelicopter servo actuator overhaul and repair in Brazil. The company began servicing helicopter servo actuators in early 2017 following its selection as a licensee for the OEM, Leonardo Helicopters (http://www.leonardocompany.com). The license enabled APS to service actuators on the AW109/119 series helicopters for operators based in Brazil. APS was granted another license from UTC Aerospace Systems in 2017, authorizing APS as the only Level III repair station in Latin America for servo actuators on the Squirrel and Dauphin Aiirbus Helicopter platforms (http://www.airbus.com/helicopters)

According to APS President and CEO Dan Colbert, “Servo actuators play a critical role in a helicopter’s flight control system. As such, they require maintenance by an MRO that adheres to the strictest quality standards and has a proven track record providing maintenance and repairs on critical components. We’re proud of APS’ reputation as a world class MRO and reaching this milestone on behalf of Leonardo, Airbus and their Brazilian operators.”

In order to expand its MRO capabilities to include helicopter servo actuators, APS made a significant investment in new testing equipment, tools and parts, as well as  technician’extensive technical training at the OEM’s facilities. 

APS Brazil General Manager Fabio Renato Rossi do Nascimento cited the Helicopter Test Stand installed in the APS Brazil facility as being among the industry’s most sophisticated. Its advanced testing capabilities include functional, operational and troubleshooting of both Main Rotor and Tail Rotor Actuators. Other key technologies APS has deployed in order to service the helicopter servo actuators are an advanced high technology interface between the mechanic and test stand control system, and a sophisticated software tool, Labview, which ensures accuracy through all testing protocols. APS is now positioned as the only company in Latin America with such a sophisticated repair capability.

“By awarding APS a license for the Helicopter servo actuators, the OEM has signaled its confidence in our organization’s ability to support their customer service and business objectives,” continued Colbert. “We intend to continue earning that confidence and service more  helicopter platforms across the commercial, military and civilian sectors, as well as other aircraft that rely on these components.”

For more information, visit: www.aircraftpropeller.com

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