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The fight to preserve our air traffic control (ATC) system is back and once again, we need your support today!

Last night, Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) released his manager’s amendment for the House FAA reauthorization bill. The bill will be on the House floor this week for a vote. 

Since the big airlines failed in their efforts to seize control of the nation’s ATC system through privatization, their supporters are attempting to create a bureaucratic Aerospace Management Advisory Council to control the ATC system and advance their privatization agenda. 

The manager’s amendment contains a provision that would establish a chief operating officer to run ATC who would report directly to the secretary of transportation, rather than the FAA administrator. This move effectively removes ATC from FAA control. 

This amendment, just like the original ATC privatization amendment, is bad for general aviation and bad for the helicopter industry. This is another attempt at a power grab by the airlines and is a poison pill, drafted without review by stakeholders and snuck in at the last possible minute. This gives us very little time to build and publicize our opposition to the amendment. We need your help now! Share the word! 

Please call 833-GAVoice (833-428-6423) and tell your elected official that you oppose Section 5, Aerospace Management Advisory Council, of the Manager’s amendment. 

You can also email, send a tweet, or post a Facebook message to your representative by clicking here or texting ROTOR to 40649. 

Only one seat of the 13-member Advisory Council is reserved for general aviation, and the helicopter industry is NOT guaranteed a seat. And as they say in Washington, if you are not at the table, you’re on the menu! 

Contact Congress to oppose this language today! 

Best regards,
Matt Zuccaro is president and CEO of HAI. 

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