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Arkansas Children’s Partners with Truth Data for Flight Operations and Quality Assurance services

Fort Worth, Texas – June 20, 2018 – Truth Data Insights is pleased to announce that it has signed a three-year agreement with Arkansas Children’s Hospital for Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) services. Truth Data provides FOQA and FDM services to improve flight safety through data analytics, post-flight visualization and safety reporting.

“We are excited to support the folks who fly in the Angel One program at Arkansas Children’s. They’re great people doing important work and we’re proud to be a part of it,” says Peter Henrikson, president of Truth Data, “The Angel One flight program is also an approved Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) FOQA program. This was a voluntary move the on part of Arkansas Children’s and demonstrates their intense commitment to safety.” Truth Data now manages half of the FAA-approved helicopter Part 135 FOQA programs in the US.

Arkansas Children’s flies two Sikorsky S-76 D helicopters and will be installing Honeywell Tracker III units in both. Truth Data will use flight data from these aircraft along with their rich analysis capabilities and experience to generate actionable insights for safer, more efficient aircraft operations.

Truth Data brings a new level of safety and efficiency to helicopter operators by providing FOQA and FDM services by drawing on decades of aviation experience, both military and civilian, to support operators in all market segments worldwide.

Contact Mr. Tracy Welterlen, Operations Manager, for more information at tracy@truthdata.net or 817-268-9155.

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