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FreeFlight Systems and Becker expand offering with integrated ADS-B solutions for TCAS II equipped business, commercial aircraft

October 17, 2018 - Rheinmuenster, Germany - NextGen avionics leader FreeFlight Systems and digital avionics leader Becker teaming has expanded to offer a complete ADS-B Solution for business and commercial class aircraft for TCAS II equipped aircraft. By combining the strength and integrity of the Becker BXT6500 series of Mode S transponders with FreeFlight Systems 1203C SBAS/GNSS sensor and RANGR-RX ADS-B Receiver, these remote-mounted solutions provide turboprop and turbojet business TCAS II and non-TCAS II equipped aircraft a complete and cost-effective way to equip with ADS-B In and Out for the upcoming USA January 1, 2020 mandate.

The Becker BXT6500 family’s latest version Mode S transponder, designed specifically for full interoperability with existing TCAS II systems, as well as ADS-B compliant. The BXT Mode S transponder provides a much-needed alternative to traditional Mode S suppliers in regional airline TCAS II operations, as well as any place TCAS II systems are in use such as business jets and air transport operations, both civil and military.

"USA ADS-B compliance, with 01 January 2020 mandate firmly in place, is still lagging behind retrofit objectives in business aircraft market because until now there was still a lack of cost-effective, high-quality options for the business aircraft market," said Pete Ring, FreeFlight Systems’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Through our partnership with Becker Avionics, aircraft operators can now purchase a cost-effective option to equip their TCAS II and non-TCAS II aircraft without the need to completely overhaul their panel and avionics systems. This is an ideal solution for many of our customers where a non-disruptive remote mounted option is preferred." 

“Once more Becker is leading the industry with its TCAS II compatible, ADS-B compliant Mode S transponder, and in the same small form factor as the field proven BXT6513 ADS-B compliant Mode S,” said Armando Gessinger, Becker Director, Sales & Marketing. “Our very affordable BXT Mode S family fills the need in USA market and provides a path to worldwide ADS-B compliance as other countries and regions adopt ADS-B ATC surveillance,” said Armando Gessinger, Becker’s Director, Sales & Marketing. "We are pleased to team with FreeFlight Systems to offer a complete solution for these operators, including transponder, GNSS source, and ADS-B In receiver certified as a complete package.”

The 1203C SBAS/GNSS meets TSO-C145c as the dedicated position source required for ADS-B and the BXT6500 series of transponders meets the ESTO-C112e and TSO-C166b for ADS-B OUT compliance. The complete system meets the requirements of AC20-165B for ADS-B rule compliance. The diversity-capable system is suitable for installation on TCAS I and TCAS II equipped aircraft. A single antenna option is also available. The system is compatible with a variety of common control heads and can be installed in either single or dual configurations.

About Becker 
Becker is a leader in digital avionics technology. Becker is a privately held high-tech company that develops, manufactures and distributes the latest communications, navigation, surveillance and search & rescue equipment for airborne and ground operations. Becker has long standing history of over 60 years in providing equipment to general and corporate aviation, air traffic control, law enforcement and military organizations around the world. In order to support international market requirements, Becker has established branches around the world. For more information, visit www.becker-avionics.com

About FreeFlight Systems
FreeFlight Systems designs and manufactures high-performance avionics for flight safety. These solutions deliver substantial safety, cost, environmental, and other benefits from the NextGen airspace transformation. Founded in 2001 and based in Texas, the company pioneered the first certified aviation WAAS/GPS receiver and the first rule-compliant UAT ADS-B system. FreeFlight Systems produces a range of high quality, American-made, competitively priced systems for installation in all aircraft types. For more information, visit www.freeflightsystems.com

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