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Latitude Receives STC for ENode ETM Hardware on Twin Otter Aircraft

Victoria, Canada December 03, 2018 - The premier global supplier of flight data monitoring, flight-following, and satcom solutions, Latitude Technologies has received a Transport Canada issued Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA18-121 Issue 1 for its ENode engine data acquisition unit. The approval supports installation on DHC-6 Series 100, 200, and 300 aircraft, and is built to support engine trend monitoring (ETM), flight data monitoring (FDM), and fuel management programs.

Latitude’s engine data acquisition unit tracks engine parameters and corrects for atmospheric conditions, enabling an analysis and detection tool to monitor and trend the health and stability of your aircraft engine. With the ENode, issues such as early hot section deterioration or bleed leaks can be discovered helping operators to avoid secondary engine damage, which means less unexpected aircraft downtime, and more time spent in the air.

Visit Latitude online to find out how you can equip the complete industry-leading solution for engine trend monitoring and fuel use analysis today.

Latitude Technologies Corp., headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Latitude Technologies is an avionics design and manufacturing firm offering complete aircraft solutions for flight data monitoring, flight following, satellite data link, and voice communication systems. With air-time and service options supporting flight safety, fleet logistics, operations, and maintenance information through data analytics platforms, Latitude has been providing customized and configurable solutions to meet the diverse operational needs of its clients for over 17 years.

For more information about Latitude’s engine data acquisition and engine trend monitoring solutions, visit www.latitudetech.com or call 1-888-966-5599.

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