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Haverfield Aviation teams with RMCI to implement advanced VHM/FDM - Full Fleet Next-Gen HUMS: XRDS

Photo Credit: Aaron Surratt @CheckItOutCreative 

Huntsville, Alabama - Haverfield Aviation has teamed up with RMCI to bring the ultimate in safety and aircraft availability to their customers worldwide. By utilizing state of the art technology from RMCI, Haverfield is going above and beyond FAA and OEM maintenance requirements to ensure the safety of their fleet, their people, and their mission. Together, Haverfield will be able to provide the utmost safety, reliability and availability of aircraft to all utility customers.  RMCI’s vibration and usage monitoring technology will protect their full fleet for international aircraft availability. With their Stage III IS-BAO Certification, Haverfield’s choice in RMCI further proves their commitment to safety, their trust and confidence in the RMCI team, and confirming their mission statement- “Growth with Strength and Honor.”

About RMCI, Inc. 
RMCI is a leader in rotorcraft science and technology:  with a background of expert scientific support for rotors and dynamic components for more than 3,000 military helicopters.  Providing comprehensive mechanical diagnostics of the entire drive train, advanced rotor smoothing and flight data monitoring, RMCI has developed the fully qualified and STC’d Expandable Rotorcraft Diagnostic System, or XRDSTM.  RMCI is a service disabled veteran owned company based in Huntsville, Alabama, and is the recipient of the 2019 Governor’s International Trade Excellence Award. The XRDS is  similar to a “Black Box,” but with the added ability to diagnose and predict  emerging mechanical failures and structural anomalies, to help prevent incidents and reduce collateral damage.  The XRDS has proven examples of early identification of emerging failures 100 flight hours prior to any other indication of failure: pinpointing truly faulty components while providing no false indications of faults. The XRDS is extremely lightweight, and is designed with powerful on-board real-time processing capability and powerful analytics and easy to use ground station software. It is also designed for growth and to incorporate future sensors and advanced technology --hence the name “Expandable”.  The XRDS is currently installed on 9 different types of helicopters, and fixed wing aircraft.  

More information about RMCI’s experience, products, and services is available on the company’s website at http://rmci-inc.com. 

About Haverfield Aviation, Inc.
Haverfield Aviation, founded in 1981, pioneered and patented the use of the helicopter as a transmission- distribution system work tool introducing highly productive live-line maintenance and comprehensive close up inspection to the electric power industry. Today, over 80 electric utilities worldwide are regular repeat customers and that number continues to grow significantly each year. Claiming the largest civilian fleet, Haverfield maintains 23 MD500 helicopters, 1 Black Hawk, and 1 Huey, and they are FAA certified Part 135 Air Carrier. Haverfield’s airborne services span the full scope of maintenance tasks that were previously provided only by conventional methodologies- from comprehensive visual inspections (CVI), to energized insulator replacements, and live-line repair of fiber optic systems. Haverfield’s methods have vastly improved the speed and efficiency of these tasks and added the critical dimension of conducting energized maintenance on lines ranging from 39kV to 765kv.

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