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Super Mushshak Flies with Genesys Aerosystems Glass Cockpit

Posted by jhadmin

Kamra, Pakistan (March 25, 2020) – A Pakistan Aeronautical Complex MFI-17 Super Mushshak made a successful first flight with a full Genesys Aerosystems glass cockpit today. The Super Mushshak is a rugged and proven military training aircraft capable of +7 and -3 Gs and features automatic, hands-off spin recovery. The two-seat aircraft is equipped with three Genesys flight displays, dual solid-state gyro/air-data sensors, and dual GPS receivers. The system also includes dual Genesys digital multi-mode radios with integrated VHF COM, UHF COM, VHF NAV, localizer/glideslope, and marker beacon, triple-redundant Flight Management System (FMS), radio/audio management, and Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS), and digital engine/systems display.

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