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75th Anniversary of First US Coast Guard Helicopter Life Flight

Posted by RandyMains

On January 3, 1944, LCDR Frank A. Erickson USCG, flew his tube-framed, canvas-covered Sikorsky HNS-1 Hoverfly helicopter from Floyd Bennett Airfield in Brooklyn to Battery Park and then to Sandy Hook, NJ in a storm that grounded all fixed wing aircraft. Strapped to the pontoons were two cases of blood plasma desperately needed in the NJ hospital to save the lives of sailors badly wounded when their ship, the USS Turner, exploded. That flight saved the lives of many sailors and pointed the USCG down the path of adopting the helicopter as the life-saving tool which saw its greatest use to date with the rescue of 12,535 people during hurricanes Katrina and Rita by USCG pilots and crews who flew 4,945 missions.

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