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NTSB Final Report: Myrtle Beach, SC

Posted by jhadmin

The commercial pilot and two passengers departed in the helicopter for a commercial air tour flight. The pilot reported that, shortly after takeoff, the helicopter started shaking like a "minor kick," which he thought might be due to a stuck engine valve. He immediately radioed the operator and requested that maintenance personnel meet the flight after the tour ended. He chose to continue the tour and attempted to maintain about 70 knots with the engine operating at 25 inches manifold pressure, which resulted in a descent rate of 300 ft per minute. When the helicopter was near the helipad location, company personnel reported seeing white smoke trailing from the helicopter, and the pilot noted that the alternator light was on. When the pilot started to slow the descent, the low rotor rpm horn sounded, and the engine rpm spiked. After realizing the helicopter would not be able to reach the helipad, the pilot turned the helicopter parallel to the slope of an adjacent field and fully pulled the collective pitch to cushion the landing, but the helicopter landed hard.

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