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NTSB Final Report Released: Loveland, CO

Posted by jhadmin

The accident occurred when a helicopter (N878BC) and an airplane (N777YF) collided midair while on approach to the airport. The helicopter pilot intended to fly a practice instrument approach to the runway, perform the missed approach procedure, and enter the published holding pattern. The airplane pilot intended to enter the traffic pattern, with appropriate spacing, for a full stop landing on the same runway. The airplane pilot had the helicopter in sight and was following the helicopter to the runway. While on final approach, the airplane pilot thought that the helicopter had entered a hover and asked the helicopter pilot about his intentions. The helicopter pilot indicated that he would be flying the missed approach procedure and then returning to the airport, but the airplane pilot incorrectly heard the helicopter pilot's response and believed that the helicopter was going to hover near the end of the runway and then proceed to the east. As a result, the airplane pilot expected the helicopter to be east of the airport, which was a common location for local helicopter training, when the airplane would be landing; however, the helicopter was on approach to the runway at that time. During the airplane's approach, the airplane pilot lost sight of the helicopter. The airplane continued to land and collided with the helicopter.

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