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The Coin Toss

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We’ve all been there. Flying with our student during the test prep phase of the training lifecycle, confirming what we set out to do so many hours before. That is, to present the FAA a qualified, proficient pilot applicant who is capable of exceeding all test standards set before them. You’ve done this many times before; it’s just a walk in the park. So you walk through your FAA exam checklist to verify nothing has been missed: [Read More...]

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Zen, and the Art of Flight Instructing

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Throughout History, both recorded, and (thankfully) not, men have chosen to instruct men. And women. And, (I hasten to be poli-tickle-ally correct) women too have instructed men. (and mostly bent them to their iron will). Thus, the Art of Instruction is nothing new. Nor, we might add, are the foibles of Masters and Instructors… [Read More...]

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