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What did we get HER on? Part 1

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Many years ago, a time period measured in more than a decade in fact, Ancient History, I was flying EMS Air Ambulance elsewhere, somewhere, on this Pale Blue Dot, and for a different employer than my present one. It was, as I look back on it, an almost surreal experience. Absurdity, tinged with amusement. The memories to this day make me feel a trifle weary. A need to shake the head, sadly. I don’t get it. I know I’m not terribly bright, and I guess my tiny spirit must just hum (or bumble along, the best it can) on an entirely different level. Better? Worse? That’s for others to assess. I think… I mean well. I KNOW… it seems to get me into endless trouble. As you will see. [Read More...]

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