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ATP Helicopter Certification…Is The Bar Set Too Low?

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The highest level of FAA airman certification is the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. Upon reaching this level of certification, the airman is expected to have built a treasure trove of experiences only found through years of experience. The title alone infers that the individual holding such certification is capable of operating aircraft utilized in airline-type operations. Not as much make and model of aircraft as it is the capabilities of an airline to include operating within poor weather conditions, high density airspace, and the IFR system. [Read More...]

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FAA Updated Guidance: Almost Lost in Translation

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Beginning last year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released several training-related guidance updates. These releases included advisory circulars, a national policy notice, and most recently, the Flight Instructor Helicopter Practical Test Standards (PTS). In several of my previous training articles, I referred to subject matter affected by the release of this new guidance. I would now like to review a few of the specific documents released by the FAA and provide an overview of how changes may affect you. [Read More...]

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