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ROKSTAD POWER | ERICKSON INC. Brucejack Transmission Powerline Project TRAILER
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Uploaded by jhadmin on 7/8/2019
On 29 September @ 12:50, Bubba placed the final bridge to complete the 35-mile (56-kilometer) 138-kV transmission line to support the Brucejack Gold Project led by Rokstad Power. Structure 6013 weighing a total of 282,200 lbs. (128,457 kg) is one the highest transmission towers in Canada standing at 145 ft (44 m) and an altitude of around 6,000 ft. ASL. It combines a total of 31 pieces with a total of 23 picks with the S-64F Air-Crane (25,000lb max capacity) and 4 picks with the Bell 214B-1. Structure 6016 spans across the Knipple Glacier to 6017 making it the tightest wire and longest span in North America with a length of 1.4 miles (2.2-km) with the glacier sitting about 2,000 feet below. At 05:30 Thursday morning, the Aurora Borealis passed through over Power Camp. At 09:56, Bubba set its last 132nd single steel monopole tower just below the Knipple Glacier. The Brucejack Gold Mine is located just North of Stewart, British Columbia and just 25 miles from the Alaskan border. Pr
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