Seminar - Job Fair

HELISUCCESS LITE @ Heli-Expo 2019!

Career Development Seminar

Date: March 4, 2019

Location: Heli-Expo 2019, Georgia World Congress Center. Atlanta, GA.

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Who might benefit from this seminar?

Career Helicopter Pilots and Mechanics. Put a face to a name! Meet the hiring authorities face to face! Get your resume into the right hands! This Seminar is designed to offer helicopter industry professionals, who may be new to the industry, or in a transition phase of their career, an opportunity for learning and networking. Those who are looking for inside information that may give them that competitive edge in the helicopter industry hiring process. Knowledge is Power! Who might this seminar benefit?

  • Students presently in a Pro Pilot Training Program.
  • Flight Instructors getting ready to break out of the training environment and into the REAL WORLD!
  • Individuals considering transferring to other sectors of the industry. i.e., GOM to EMS.
  • Individuals transitioning from Military to Civilian.
Presentation / Topics may include:
  • Advancement in the Helicopter Industry
  • Networking - Do or Die!
  • Resume Tips and Tricks for Helicopter Pro's
  • Professionalism & Attitude
  • Success in Flying Tours - What to Expect
  • Success Flying in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Career Survival 101
  • Lyn Burks - 27 year veteran helicopter pilot, ATP/CFII, Helicopter Industry Recruiter, Owner/Developer of,, Justhelicopters.TV, Lyn is also the Editor In Chief / Owner of Rotorcraft Pro Magazine.
  • Randy Rowles, MBA – Pilot Examiner, ATP, Gold Seal CFII, Master CFI, Owner Helicopter Institute.
  • Julie Broussard - Senior Hiring Manager for PHI.
  • Mark Schlaefli - ATP/CFII, Director of Operations, Sundance Helicopters.
  • Barry Lloyd–  Helicopter Program Manager for CAL FIRE. Forty-five year veteran helicopter pilot with experience in both civilian and military operations. USFS/CDF fire carded pilot for over 33 years. Certified Accident Investigator. Presently an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner as well as Training Pilot and Part 135 Check Airman for several helicopter operators.
  • Stacy Sheard - Stacy’s career began as a U.S. Army Huey and Black Hawk pilot until leaving the military to pursue a commercial flying career. Gaining experience in Charter, Tour, ENG, EMS, Corporate aviation, and a bit of screen actors guild/movie flying; eventually she found a home at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation as a Production Test Pilot.  She has recently taken a position as a Corporate Pilot with Jet Aviation flying the AW 139.
  • Janie Foster - Former AW139 Pilot with ERA Helicopters. Also experienced in the areas of Medevac/SAR, wild land firefighting, logging, utility, and offshore operations. Currently with Air Evac Lifeteam as a pilot recruiter.