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110 YEARS BEFORE OUR TIME In Hefel Journal No. 68 it is summarized: In 1907 Josef Anton Hefel founded the Schiffli embroidery and in 1911 the Lace Factory in Schwarzach. In textile modernity, he sees the future of the family business. In 1913 Johann Hefel joined his uncle's textile company and took over 1924 the management. He specializes in the weaving technology of fine fabrics for beds. Thus, Hefel is the specialist with enormous experience in the field of bedding. 1936 - FOUNDING OF INLETT WEBEREI Johann Hefel founds the inlettweaving mill in Schwarzach – novel cases for feather and down beds. The triumph of the world's finest in-letts to date begins: fibre, yarn, fabric and finishing innovations for the fabric for dreaming. RISE TO THE TOP MANUFACTORY In 1972, a very important milestone was set with the second HEFEL location in Austria, the Steppbetten Manufaktur in Kefermarkt. In addition to the previously classic inlets for duvets and pillows, fine quilted beds with silk, wool and precious animal hair fillings were added over time. They increased the reputation of HEFEL as an important bed manufacture: then as now, fabrics and sleeves are quilted in elaborate piece production in custom-made frames made of Ramin wood. Like a precious painting, experienced hands insert the fabric into the frame. The highest precision and a trained eye are necessary if the filling and fabric are then precisely aligned and prepared for quilting. 110 YEARS ON THE PULSE OF TIME In addition, quality in design and function determine the path of HEFEL. New materials and processes have also made more and more and more significant innovations possible: HEFEL was the first bedding manufacturer in the world with untreated Natura line fabric, Organic Cotton kbA (organic cotton), KlimaControl (the first 100% wooden duvet with TENCEL® fibre from Lenzing) and SeaCell fabric (lyocell with seaweed and silver ions). Apart from that, of course, virgin wool from controlled organic animal husbandry, camel hair, cashmere or yak hair from farms of the countries of origin. Of course, compliance with the Responsible Down standards for down. Thus, Hefel creates with ecological materials, best quality & perfect sleep quality in harmony. The new bed linen collection in 100 percent super-fine TENCEL® fiber comes exclusively in digital printing, with eight new buttodies, with flowers and flowers. Complemented with the still very good classic line in shaft fabric. Technological and natural materials harmonize in terms of function and aesthetics. Superstars recover in Hefel bed systems Furthermore, the Hefel Journal reports: "Terminator, World Champion, Pirate King, Fashion Czar, Sheikh, Top Athlete... Not only celebrities like Johnny Depp, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Karl Lagerfeld or the ÖSV Alpin and Nordic professionals are embedding themselves on HEFEL BED & SLEEP. Also all other connoisseurs of restful sleep – people like you and me. Because sleep, which accounts for a third of our lives, is a vital drive for body and mind."

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