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Weight & Balance CalculatorsR22 BII W&B (Excel)21.50 KBDownload
PC ScreensaversProfessional Helicopter Pilots Assoc. Screensaver3.53 MBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsR22/R44 W&B (Excel)894.00 KBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsR22 W&B (Excel)26.00 KBDownload
Training AidesNational EMS Pilots Assoc. AO21 Survey Results712.74 KBDownload
Pilot LogbooksMulti Engine Pilot Logbook (Excel)30.00 KBDownload
Pilot LogbooksPilot Logbook (Excel)30.00 KBDownload
White Papers - StudiesNEMSPA Heliport A C White Paper (PDF)181.52 KBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsR44 W&B (Excel)27.00 KBDownload
Article PDFState of the Market 20162.39 MBDownload
Article PDFSkola_Nvo15Blog_C20Bendix11.19 MBDownload
Training AidesWire strike powerpoint presented at FAAST Meeting in Las Vegas prior to HeliSuccess 2012 .3.47 MBDownload
Training AidesUTM to Lat/Lon Converter (Excel)20.50 KBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsS76 Weight & Balance (Excel)32.00 KBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsS76 W&B (Excel)32.00 KBDownload
Article PDFSkola_Jan16Blog Bendix C30Book11.46 MBDownload
Article PDFSkola_Dec15Blog12.22 MBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsMD500 - 369D W&B (Excel)23.00 KBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsAS355 Twinstar W&B (Excel)26.00 KBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsAS350BA W&B (Excel)26.00 KBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsB206L W&B (Excel)30.00 KBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsB206L W&B (Excel)50.50 KBDownload
Article PDF2015 Innovators Contest Winners - full article published in the October 2015 edition706.38 KBDownload
135 Duty Time Logs135 Duty Log (Excel)129.50 KBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsAS350B W&B (Excel)25.00 KBDownload
Article PDF2016 Salary Survey2.82 MBDownload
135 Duty Time LogsBasic 135 Duty Log (Excel)126.50 KBDownload
White Papers - StudiesDiscussion: Some flight helmets may contain outdated components that don’t afford the same level of protection as updated components.546.99 KBDownload
Article PDFFAA_HAA_OCCAdvisoryUnknownDownload
PC ScreensaversJusthelicopters.com Screensaver2.56 MBDownload
Article PDFJuly Mx Blog16.77 MBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsBK117 W&B (zipped excel)16.50 KBDownload
Weight & Balance CalculatorsBell 206L W eight & Balance (Excel)28.00 KBDownload
Training AidesDeepwater Horizon, GOM Notam Overview PPT Presentation3.70 MBDownload
Training AidesDeepwater Horizon, GOM Notam Kneeboard Handout348.37 KBDownload