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Gunship Helicopters - From Hardship to Gunship

Posted by jhadmin

Combine an AS350 with doors off, an automatic machine gun, and an open desert range with your own tourist trigger finger and you've got “The Ultimate Thrill Ride In Las Vegas,” also known as Gunship Helicopters. For many, just flying through the Mojave Desert mountains in a helicopter is a thrill. Add a military M249 SAW (squad automatic weapon), zombies, and AR500 reactionary steel targets, and you’ve got Gunship Helicopters’ next-level exhilaration and firepower. The partners at Gunship Helicopters are a living testimony that there’s glory in overcoming obstacles. Gunship Helicopters is owned by father-and-son duo Robert and Matt Fahnestock, partner Randy Saenz, and managed by Brad Scanlon. This adventure tourism company was built on hard work, determination, and only taking yes for an answer. [Read More...]

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Posted by jhadmin

"Bon domesdi y bën uni da meus tla Dolomites!" This is how you will be greeted and welcomed in the Dolomites in Ladin, a special and unique language spoken only in the region of northeast Italy. Only 40,000 people still speak Ladin and it is a language struggling to survive, but things are looking optimistic as a newly launched newspaper and TV station use the language. So, Ladin has a great chance of staying alive and in full use. But not only is the language in the Dolomites special, so are the people and so is the natural beauty. The Dolomites are a majestic mountain range declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. Besides breathtaking views, ski slopes, and infamous hiking trails, they offer an amazing 300 days of sunshine per year. For all sun lovers, this is a must-visit destination. The best part of it is you can visit the Dolomites by foot, with an e-bike, or enjoy the view from a higher, birds-eye perspective. Since 1998, you can catch a sightseeing flight with Elikos Helicopters owned by two brothers: Gabriel and Marco Kostner. [Read More...]

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