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Editor's Letter - Let’s Get to 2021—Already!

Posted by jhadmin

Let’s Get to 2021—Already! I was watching the news a couple weeks ago and the coverage was regarding Hurricane Douglas, a Category 4 hurricane which was bearing down on the Hawaiian Islands. The video footage was of business owners boarding up the windows of their shops. Spray-painted across one business front were the words “2020 Sucks!” I laughed out loud at the sight of it, and thought to myself: “Yep, that pretty much sums it up.” The helicopter industry is still trying to adjust to this “new normal” that the coronavirus has left in its wake. Very few sectors of the industry have been unscathed. Even essential services such as law enforcement, firefighting, and air ambulance have been negatively impacted by the spillover effects the virus has had on federal, state, and local economies. Inside this issue, James Careless highlights how helicopter industry businesses have been impacted by the virus and what adjustments they are making to continue providing products and/or services. [Read More...]

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