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My Two Cents Worth (October 2013 Issue) - Randy Mains

Posted by jhadmin

Randy Mains: My Two Cents Worth The following is the beginning of my latest book, The Reluctant Activist. I stood next to the helicopter’s tail plane, looking up in disbelief at the massive damage I’d done. The accident was entirely my fault. I knew I shouldn’t have been anywhere near a cockpit this morning. My mind wasn’t focused on flight training, but I decided to fly anyway. It was a stupid mistake. The reality of knowing how badly I’d screwed up sickened me. As well as losing my wife to another man recently, it seemed likely I could now lose my job. This was not turning out to be one of my better mornings. [Read More...]

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CRM – The Last Line of Defense!

Posted by jhadmin

CRM – The Last Line of Defense! by Randy Mains Imagine you’re an aviation doctor and you hold the cure to save lives in a deadly segment of helicopter aviation. One day you learn that the FAA has finally mandated that all Part 135 operators must be administered this cure, or they cannot fly. You gladly offer the cure, knowing it can save lives. However, you soon discover that the parent (the helicopter company) of the patient (the flight crew) doesn’t want to give the full dose because of the added time and expense it takes to administer it. So the helicopter company waters down the dose to near microscopic proportions, which satisfies the letter of the law, while successfully avoiding the spirit of the law. But in their effort to save time and money, they render the cure totally useless. It is my opinion that’s what’s happening in many HEMS programs. [Read More...]

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