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My 2 Cents Worth - Breaking the Error Chain

Posted by jhadmin

My 2 Cents Worth - Breaking the Error Chain By Randy Mains “This is stupid!” What wonderful words to break the error chain. I’ve certainly said it when I’ve been flying. Like in bad weather when scud running, or doing anything in the air where I figured I probably shouldn’t be there. “This is stupid,” can potentially be one of those simple, but brilliant, ideas designed to let you, the pilot, know it’s time to call it quits, go home, and thus prevent really scaring yourself and possibly having an accident. [Read More...]

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My Two Cents Worth - Characters at Abu Dhabi Aviation

Posted by jhadmin

When I took a job with Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) I felt I’d come full circle in my aviation career. [Read More...]

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My 2 Cents Worth - Enroute Decision Point

Posted by jhadmin

On September 30th three more names were added to the growing number of air medical air crash [Read More...]

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A Sure Fire Fix for the Most Dangerous Job in America

Posted by jhadmin

Want to hear something shocking? According to the American Journal of Clinical Medicine (Winter 2009 issue) after assessing past statistics then projecting them forward, they predicted that if you fly in a HEMS helicopter and do that job for twenty years, you face a 40 percent chance of losing your life. [Read More...]

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It's All in the Title

Posted by jhadmin

The doctor, nurse and I would stand by the helicopter in our matching custom-made University of California San Diego Life Flight blue flight suits looking as sharp as any flight crew on the Navy Blue Angels precision-flying team, (well kind of anyway) and after we gave our spiel someone would invariably approach me personally and ask, “Are you medically qualified, or are you JUST the pilot?” [Read More...]

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My Two Cents Worth - The Importance of Attitude

Posted by jhadmin

My Two Cents Worth - The Importance of AttitudeBy Randy MainsA story highlighting the importance of [Read More...]

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An Excerpt from Dear Mom I’m Alive

Posted by jhadmin

On May 20 1969 I flew a routine mission that turned into a living nightmare. That's how combat flying is. It shifts from the mundane to the horrendous most often when you least expect it. This particular memory has become part of me. I have relived the mission hundreds of times in my mind. It is as clear to me now as if it had happened yesterday. [Read More...]

12DearMom.jpg  11DearMom.jpg  10DearMom.jpg  9DearMom.jpg  8DearMom.jpg  7DearMom.jpg  6DearMom.jpg  5DearMom.jpg  4DearMom.jpg  3DearMom.jpg  2DearMom.jpg  1dearmom.jpg 
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