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Executive Watch - Gabriel Massey, Able Aerospace

Posted by jhadmin

Able Aerospace Services, a Textron-owned company in Mesa, Arizona, has built the numbers in its favor. In its 30 years of business, the MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) corporation has repaired millions of components for OEMs and operators across the globe. Two key drivers: An innovative, solutions-focused culture, and an on-site, experienced engineering team that works with designated engineering representatives. One dedicated engineer rose through Textron’s ranks to pilot Able Aerospace Services from an all-encompassing view. In that rise, general manager Gabriel Massey, a Montreal native, hasn’t lost his engineering enthusiasm for numbers. “I was always good at math and numbers,” he says. “Many of my relatives were engineers, so I always knew it was part of my path, but others were entrepreneurs, which fostered an equal interest in business strategy – a little unique for an engineer.” At Able, this helps him to see more than just digits and details. “It’s important to understand the details, but not get buried in them,” Massey observes. “As a leader, it’s a balance of digging into technical details when necessary, but at the same time not managing the details. I allow my teams to take care of their details and make their own decisions.” That’s a lesson Massey learned watching other leaders during his rise. “I’ve seen leaders that are good in the details, but never rise up above them, and I’ve seen some that didn’t master details and were disconnected.” [Read More...]

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East West Helicopter and Panterra Heli Support: Vast Expertise Combines to Customize Copters

Posted by jhadmin

At the tender age of five Patric Wells was moving milk and pop bottles from his father’s Stratford, Ontario retail food store to a nearby storage building for 5 cents an hour. That’s quite a young age to join the business world, but it provided the foundation for his success today. “I guess it gives a kid a good work ethic, because I still work hard every day,” Wells relates. Wells doesn’t have to prove his continuing work ethic; knowing that he operates four businesses simultaneously is enough. Combined, they offer a full range of services to customers seeking to buy or lease a helicopter and mold it to fit their precise needs. East West Helicopter Inc. (EWH) based in Harrison, Ohio has supported the helicopter industry for more than four decades, providing maintenance, parts sales, helicopter sales and leasing. Panterra Heli Support Ltd (PHSL) based in Beamsville, Ontario, provides MRO, heavy maintenance, avionics integration, engineering, custom paint and other customizations, completions, one-off configurations, and field support for existing leases. NS Air Leasing and Borderline Air expand upon the sales and leasing aspect of the group, especially the Airbus product line. [Read More...]

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Posted by jhadmin

Congratulations! You’ve graduated from owning a 30 year old, second-hand, twin-engine helicopter to a spanking new Airbus Helicopters H175, AgustaWestland AW189, Sikorsky S-76D, or some other next-generation rotorcraft equipped with the latest systems. Now that you own this machine, where are you going to have it serviced? Is the MRO that kept your aging helicopter flying able to do the same for your shiny new helicopter? If not, how can you find service before it’s too late? [Read More...]

MRO_01_Opener_Airbus.jpg  MRO_02_VectorAerospace.jpg  MRO_03_AAL-USA.jpg  MRO_04_Airbus.jpg  MRO_05_VectorAerospace.jpg  MRO_06_AAL-USA.JPG  MRO_07_Airbus.jpg  MRO_08_Airbus.jpg  MRO_09_Sikorsky.jpg 

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MRO West Coast – HeliTender

Posted by jhadmin

Los Angeles is known for many things: beaches, skyscrapers, complex airspace, freeway chases and a lot of helicopter operators that support the tourist and broadcasting needs of the city. But as we all should know, behind every good helicopter stands a solid MRO, and behind that MRO stand great mechanics. [Read More...]

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MRO East Coast - Rotortech Services

Posted by jhadmin

Looking at the front of the Rotortech Services facility, I have many thoughts. The first is, “WOW, what a nice facility.” The location is pretty amazing, but the structure itself is even more impressive. Looking past its pretty face, I also recognize that at the end of the day, a business is more that just a building. It’s really about the people and services it provides to the industry. [Read More...]

Rotortech__6_RobLee_lowres.jpg  Rotortech__5_Bo_Ryan_lowres.jpg  Rotortech__3_MikeChampion_lowres.jpg  Rotortech_7_Ryan_McEwen_lowres.jpg  Rotortech_4_owners_Rob_Walter_lowres.jpg  Rotortech_2_lowres.jpg  Rotortech_1.jpg 
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Vector Revisited- Written & Video Feature

Posted by jhadmin

WRITTENANDVIDEOFEATURE - Vector Aerospace Revisited One of the more satisfying aspects of this business is when you have the opportunity to actually watch a company grow, succeed, and prosper. It is not very often, considering the recent economic conditions, that will a company not only set about on an ambitious growth plan, but actually goes quite a bit beyond it as well. Just two years ago we traveled to Andalusia, Alabama to visit the folks at Vector Aerospace. Based at the South Alabama Regional Airport, 79J, Vector’s first operation in Alabama was initially spread among six or so hangars and administrative facilities on the south side of the airport. [VIEWARTICLE&VIDEO] [Read More...]

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