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My Two Cents Worth - Characters at Abu Dhabi Aviation

Posted by jhadmin

When I took a job with Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) I felt I’d come full circle in my aviation career. [Read More...]

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My 2 Cents Worth - Enroute Decision Point

Posted by jhadmin

On September 30th three more names were added to the growing number of air medical air crash [Read More...]

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It's All in the Title

Posted by jhadmin

The doctor, nurse and I would stand by the helicopter in our matching custom-made University of California San Diego Life Flight blue flight suits looking as sharp as any flight crew on the Navy Blue Angels precision-flying team, (well kind of anyway) and after we gave our spiel someone would invariably approach me personally and ask, “Are you medically qualified, or are you JUST the pilot?” [Read More...]

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My Two Cents Worth - The Importance of Attitude

Posted by jhadmin

My Two Cents Worth - The Importance of AttitudeBy Randy MainsA story highlighting the importance of [Read More...]

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An Excerpt from Dear Mom I’m Alive

Posted by jhadmin

On May 20 1969 I flew a routine mission that turned into a living nightmare. That's how combat flying is. It shifts from the mundane to the horrendous most often when you least expect it. This particular memory has become part of me. I have relived the mission hundreds of times in my mind. It is as clear to me now as if it had happened yesterday. [Read More...]

12DearMom.jpg  11DearMom.jpg  10DearMom.jpg  9DearMom.jpg  8DearMom.jpg  7DearMom.jpg  6DearMom.jpg  5DearMom.jpg  4DearMom.jpg  3DearMom.jpg  2DearMom.jpg  1dearmom.jpg 
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