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Robotic Resupply Unmanned K-MAX Afghanistan Demonstration

Posted by jhadmin

Robotic ResupplyUnmanned K-MAX’s Afghanistan DemonstrationBy David Axe In early 2012, a Sikorsky [Read More...]

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A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes in Iraq

Posted by jhadmin

“In the wake of the wars, the (Iraqi) capability to launch and field helicopters was reduced to ashes,” said U.S. Army Col. Thomas J. Trossen, the former Chief of Army Aviation Division for U.S. Forces – Iraqi, Advising and Training Mission from July 2010 to July 2011. “It seems only fitting that the headquarters of the emerging Iraqi Army aviation force should be located at a place called Pheonix Base in the International Zone.” [Read More...]

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Crew Chiefs Keep Apaches Fighting

Posted by jhadmin

CAMP TAJI, Iraq – AH-64D Apache Longbow crew chiefs are proud of their aircraft. They're quick to tell you it's one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the Army's arsenal. They boast that the 58 foot-long war-fighting machine travels up to 227 miles per hour and is armed with as many as 16 Hellfire rockets, up to 75 (2.75 inch) aerial rockets, and can carry 1,200 rounds for its 30 mm machine gun. [Read More...]

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NAVAL Rotorcraft Pioneers-Part VI

Posted by jhadmin

By Brad McNally - As you read this article it is almost a certainty that somewhere on the high seas there is a helicopter belonging to one of the U.S. naval services conducting naval operations. For the past 60 years these operations have been commonplace. That was not the case in the early 1940s when helicopters were in their infancy. No one tried to apply the helicopter’s unique capabilities to the naval environment until mid World War II. This all changed thanks to a group of dedicated individuals who saw the significant contributions that helicopters could add to the Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps. This article showcases three true Naval Rotorcraft Pioneers. [Read More...]

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Becoming a US Army Helicopter Pilot

Posted by jhadmin

By Tony Fonze - Becoming a US ARMYHelicopter Pilot, You are in the Army Now! Army pilots are, by definition, soldiers first, officers second, and then aviators. Consequently, applicants for the aviation program must first meet the requirements for acceptance into the military, acceptance into the Warrant Officer program, and finally, admission into the aviation training program. [Read More...]

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