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OEM TRAINING SNAPSHOT-Bell Training Academy 2.0

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The fuselage was made partly of plywood beams. The tail cone was made of riveted magnesium. The rotor blades were a composite of fir and balsa wood, with a steel reinforcement bar down the leading edge. Powered by a vertically mounted 165-hp Franklin engine, Bell’s first helicopter, the Model 30, first flew in 1942. Advancing technology is the double-edged sword in aviation. On one hand, technology improvements make us more efficient and situationally aware. On the other hand, just when you thought you were proficient using one technology, it changes. This tension is a boon for training providers, as they are always in demand to provide initial and recurrent training programs. [Read More...]

1212_Feature_Bell.jpg  BELL_5_lowres.jpg  BELL_4_lowres.jpg  BELL_3_lowres.jpg  Bell_2_lowres.jpg  BELL_1_lowres.jpg 
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