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Meet a Rotorcraft Pro – Matt Zuccaro

Posted by jhadmin

My very first flight was in a fixed-wing, a J-3 Cub, as a 13-year old Civil Air Patrol cadet. My first helicopter flight was in a Hiller OH-23 Ravenas a 19-year old Army Warrant Officer Candidate at Fort Wolters, Texas. Although both flights were unbelievably exciting, the more memorablewas the Hiller OH-23, mostly due to my inability to maintain any level of control over the aircraft. [Read More...]

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Let's Talk People

Posted by jhadmin

As many of you know, I am passionate about safety and unreasonable regulatory and political initiatives, but I thought it might be nice to discuss my other passion — the people that make up this great industry of ours. Besides, if I think about regulations, legislation, politics, and life inside the Beltway too much, my head hurts, my stomach aches, and my brain turns to mush. [Read More...]

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Are We Aiming at the Correct Target?

Posted by jhadmin

By Matt Zuccaro -I am sure most of you are familiar with the various accident reduction efforts within the industry—be they Helicopter Association International, FAA, the International Helicopter Safety Team, Tour Operators Program of Safety, Airborne Law Enforcement Association or the European Helicopter Safety Team. The basic premise of these efforts is to reduce the number of accidents that occur within the helicopter community—either the aggregate number or those that involve fatalities. [Read More...]

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2011 HELI-EXPO Fly In - Going Backstage

Posted by jhadmin

Article, Photos & Video By Lyn Burks After landing on the big white H, we surface taxi the giant Aircrane, also nicknamed Goliath, across the parking lot of the Orange County Convention Center. Just before the Erickson Aircrane ground marshalling guy puts his arms in the shape of a big X telling us to stop, the pilot not flying asks the pilot if he see’s the little tree on the right side to which he get’s an “affirmative” reply. As the parking brake and nose wheel locks are applied, Randy Erwin, Captain of the Goliath cracks the intercom and says, “not bad for a couple of old farts eh?” [Read More...]

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Safety — Where Do the Owner/Operators and Their Management Team Fit In?

Posted by jhadmin

By Matt Zuccaro - As you are aware, safety is my favorite topic, as I believe it ultimately affects everything we do in our industry — both in the present and for the future. With this in mind, you would think all owner/operators would have a laser focus on this issue, making it their number one decision criteria. In a perfect world that would be true, but last time I checked not everything we want occurs in the bright reality of day-to-day operations. However, it does not have to be that way. [Read More...]

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