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Taming the Night

Posted by jhadmin

The use of night vision imaging systems (NVIS) by civil helicopter operators is increasing significantly all over the world. North America has a leading role in terms of NVIS adoption. “In the United States, for example, very nearly all helicopter air ambulance (HAA) operators use night visions goggles (NVG) logging tens of thousands of NVIS flight hours each year,” says Kim Harris, director of business development at ASU. “However, NVIS HAA operations are becoming much more common also in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia,” he says. REB Technologies Senior Vice President of Operations and Systems Jeff Stubbs also believes Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa are poised for big growth in civil NVG operations. “These regions are geographically very similar to the U.S. and Canada, in that the cities and towns are separated by a large expanse of countryside. We have also had significant success in Africa with the anti-poaching sector, with an instant drop off from poaching once NVIS aircraft are introduced. Although not a huge sector, it serves a vital need for the environment,” he says. [Read More...]

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Executive Watch - Jim Winkel, President of Aviation Specialties Unlimited

Posted by jhadmin

Because of a fateful decision made in Fort Rucker back in the 1980s, rather than conducting an interview in Boise, Idaho, as the president of night vision leader Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU), Jim Winkel could have well instead been conducting a Bible study in Central America as a missionary. Whether that decision was made with providential prayerful guidance, or just good judgment, Winkel now gets to faithfully serve two masters: (1) At ASU, he serves his passion for night vision technology, and (2) at All Saints Presbyterian Church, he fulfills an even higher calling as an elder for his Presbyterian Church in America’s missionary efforts. A lot of lessons were learned, and a lot of time and moves transpired before Winkel worked his way to the president’s desk in Idaho. Some moves were historic; one of Winkel’s earliest boyhood memories is making the westward road trip along Route 66, as millions did to California, so his father could work for Shell Oil in the San Francisco Bay Area. Winkel spent most of his childhood there in the ‘60s, but the elder Winkel again was transferred, to Houston, Texas, which was far removed from the California counterculture scene of the 1960s. “Making that move was quite a culture shock,” Winkel recalls. “Racial desegregation in the schools was a big issue at the time in Texas, an issue that didn’t impact me in California.” Civil rights race issues weren’t the only adaptation. Winkel humorously remembers, “Another big change I had to adapt to was the Texas accent. I remember our PE coach telling us not to forget our towel fee to wash our towels. I thought he was saying not to forget our taffy fee; I was wondering why in the world we needed to buy candy in gym class?” Winkel adjusted to Southern culture enough to successfully ask a fellow high school student, Sandy, out on a date. It must have gone well, the couple has been married for 37 years. [Read More...]

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NVG Operational Errors: 9 Common Mistakes Made by Operators

Posted by jhadmin

As the use of Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) technology has continued to mature and grow throughout the helicopter industry, managers, pilots, and mechanics must be committed to supporting the entire NVG program both inside and outside the cockpit. Rotorcraft Pro asked several training experts in the night vision industry to point out the most common operational errors they see in the field so operators can enhance nighttime helicopter NVIS operations. Here are 9 operational areas that night vision experts Night Flight Concepts and Aviation Specialties Unlimited say could use consideration and improvement by operators and end users. [Read More...]

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NVG Civil Industry: Past, Present, and Future

Posted by jhadmin

It is no secret the civil NVG industry was born from military utilization of night vision technology. The acceptance and eventual proliferation of Night Vision Goggles (“NVG”s) into the civil aviation industry is not without bumps and bruises. The path to acceptance by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and civil industry operators alike, has required education, patience, and compromise. Today, nearly fifteen years after the first civil operator was approved by the FAA to utilize NVGs, the civil industry continues to be plagued with issues related to regulatory oversight. In this article, we will discuss: past efforts to standardize the civil industry; how those efforts support today’s NVG industry; and efforts taking place today to ensure a safe, healthy, and prosperous future for NVG operators and regulators. [Read More...]

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Georgia State Patrol - Article and Video

Posted by jhadmin

There are hundreds of law enforcement helicopters operating in the US today and most fly traditional law enforcement missions. Naturally, you might be thinking, what is a traditional mission? Some might think it’s to take off from a dolly, fly little circles, patrol a highway, and then land back on the dolly. Well, in a general sense, if you throw in some pretty cool technology like.......... [Read More...]

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Aerial Firefighting Technology – Why Shutdown at Sundown?

Posted by jhadmin

Night Vision Goggles may conjure up thoughts of elite Special Forces units going into battle in the dead of night, but they also have found a use in nighttime helicopter operations. A number of fire departments and agencies have employed these devices to allow them to attack wildfires at night and to perform difficult night rescues that would be foolhardy otherwise. [Read More...]

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NightCon 2011 Draws NVIS Industry Together

Posted by jhadmin

The very first conference exclusively focused on Night Vision Systems was recently held in Dallas TX. The event was exceptionally well attended by Night Vision Goggle (NVG) users, suppliers and government representatives. The participation of every group that has anything to do with Night Vision operations made this conference different from most in the industry. [Read More...]

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Night Flight Concepts Takes Mystery Out of NVG's!

Posted by jhadmin

INCLUDESVIDEOFEATURE! Article, Photos, and Video by Lyn Burks - If you are a current or former Military Pilot, odds are good that you have been exposed to Night Vision Goggle (NVG) operations. However, to their civilian trained counterparts, the concepts of NVG operations are both unfamiliar and somewhat mysterious. [Read More...]

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