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Eurocopter’s revolutionary X3 helicopter begins its U.S. tour in Texas

Posted by jhadmin

Eurocopter recently began the U.S. tour of its X3 high-speed hybrid helicopter, which will demonstrate the unique operational capabilities of this advanced transportation system during a month of visits to military facilities and hub locations for civil helicopter operators. [Read More...]

Billboard_X3.jpg  X3_20.jpg  X3_19.jpg  X3_18.jpg  X3_17.jpg  X3_16.jpg  X3_15.jpg  X3_14.jpg  X3_13.jpg  X3_12.jpg  X3_11.jpg  X3_10.jpg  X3_09.jpg  X3_08.jpg  X3_07.jpg  X3_06.jpg  X3_05.jpg  X3_04.jpg  X3_03.jpg  X3_02.JPG  X3_01.jpg 
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