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Airbus Marks 50 Years in North America

Posted by jhadmin

What is now Airbus Helicopters came to life in North America 50 years ago. Perhaps they didn’t realize how big a deal they would become, because at the time, there were only 17 Airbus helicopters operating on this continent, and the new company had just 43 employees. To put it mildly, the company was not much of a force. How things have changed: Today, there are over 3,100 Airbus helicopters flying in North America; 2,600 of them are commercial and the rest are military. Airbus Helicopters has also grown to become the predominant player in the North American commercial/utility (65% market share), corporate/VIP (86%), EMS (71%), and parapublic (62%) markets. [Read More...]

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Eurocopter’s revolutionary X3 helicopter begins its U.S. tour in Texas

Posted by jhadmin

Eurocopter recently began the U.S. tour of its X3 high-speed hybrid helicopter, which will demonstrate the unique operational capabilities of this advanced transportation system during a month of visits to military facilities and hub locations for civil helicopter operators. [Read More...]

Billboard_X3.jpg  X3_20.jpg  X3_19.jpg  X3_18.jpg  X3_17.jpg  X3_16.jpg  X3_15.jpg  X3_14.jpg  X3_13.jpg  X3_12.jpg  X3_11.jpg  X3_10.jpg  X3_09.jpg  X3_08.jpg  X3_07.jpg  X3_06.jpg  X3_05.jpg  X3_04.jpg  X3_03.jpg  X3_02.JPG  X3_01.jpg 
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