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The M Word - effective helicopter maintenance management

Posted by jhadmin

Mention maintenance and helicopter in the same sentence and you get another “M” word - more money. Well okay, make that two “M” words. However, complying with your maintenance requirements doesn’t have to mean writing a blank check and hoping for the best. [Read More...]

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FAA Broadens Requirements for CRM

Posted by jhadmin

After analyzing data on accidents within commercial aviation over a 10-year period, the Federal Aviation Administration published a new rule in January of this year that requires all Part 135 operators employing more than one pilot to install Crew Resource Management training. The final rule gives commercial operators until March 22, 2013 to establish CRM programs for both initial and recurrent training, and to have those programs approved. After that period, certificate holders conducting Part 135 operations will be prohibited from using a crewmember unless that person has completed the certificate holder’s initial CRM training. [Read More...]

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