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An Excerpt from Dear Mom I’m Alive

Posted by jhadmin

On May 20 1969 I flew a routine mission that turned into a living nightmare. That's how combat flying is. It shifts from the mundane to the horrendous most often when you least expect it. This particular memory has become part of me. I have relived the mission hundreds of times in my mind. It is as clear to me now as if it had happened yesterday. [Read More...]

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Don't Knock my Chopper Friends! - 1965

Posted by jhadmin

I used to laugh at the chopper jockeys And those things they travel in I joked about how slow they are And the way they pound the wind. Some o' the guys got hoppin' mad Guess it hit a sour note Especially one called "Shorty" Man, I always got his goat. [Read More...]

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