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REACHing New Heights in Helicopter Air Ambulance

Posted by jhadmin

I have just finished a day's contract flying and am now driving back home on a four-hour trip. I’m a little fatigued, but mostly just bored. I need new energy in the car. Fortunately, I have a phone interview scheduled to begin now with Don Wharton, REACH Air Medical Service’s director of business development. With both cruise control and phone speaker on, I start my phone's voice recorder and make the call. Wharton answers and his enthusiasm immediately comes flooding into my car—goodbye boredom! I ask him, "In your own words, what's the Reach mission?" Without hesitation, Wharton replies, "Right across the ranks, it's our obsessive focus on safe and efficient transportation of our patients and always doing right by them in every situation. Depending on the situation, sometimes we substitute the word 'patient' with community, partner, or customer, but we are committed to the high-road process that produces the best result." [Read More...]

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A History of REACH Air Medical Services

Posted by jhadmin

Beginning in 1987 with one helicopter, the company now employs more than 300 people in California, Oregon and Texas. Privately owned and operated, REACH is known not only for its mission-driven patient care, but also by its distinctive red aircraft, innovative safety initiatives, employee- and customer-centricity tenets and industry leadership. [Read More...]

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