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Taming the Night

Posted by jhadmin

The use of night vision imaging systems (NVIS) by civil helicopter operators is increasing significantly all over the world. North America has a leading role in terms of NVIS adoption. “In the United States, for example, very nearly all helicopter air ambulance (HAA) operators use night visions goggles (NVG) logging tens of thousands of NVIS flight hours each year,” says Kim Harris, director of business development at ASU. “However, NVIS HAA operations are becoming much more common also in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia,” he says. REB Technologies Senior Vice President of Operations and Systems Jeff Stubbs also believes Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa are poised for big growth in civil NVG operations. “These regions are geographically very similar to the U.S. and Canada, in that the cities and towns are separated by a large expanse of countryside. We have also had significant success in Africa with the anti-poaching sector, with an instant drop off from poaching once NVIS aircraft are introduced. Although not a huge sector, it serves a vital need for the environment,” he says. [Read More...]

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NightCon 2011 Draws NVIS Industry Together

Posted by jhadmin

The very first conference exclusively focused on Night Vision Systems was recently held in Dallas TX. The event was exceptionally well attended by Night Vision Goggle (NVG) users, suppliers and government representatives. The participation of every group that has anything to do with Night Vision operations made this conference different from most in the industry. [Read More...]

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