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Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Tim Tucker

Posted by jhadmin

What is your current position? I am the chief instructor for the Robinson Helicopter Company. We have taught the pilot safety course at the factory since the mid-1980s with over 21,000 pilots completing the training. In addition, I have conducted 120 foreign safety courses, in 57 cities and 30 countries. I am an FAA helicopter designated pilot examiner for private through ATP certificates, not only in Robinson’s three models but also 11 other make & models and in the last 35 years have conducted 8,000 practical tests. [Read More...]

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Sometimes a small airborne law enforcement unit can make a larger impact than its size suggests. The Imperial Valley Airborne Narcotics Enforcement (IVAN) Air Support Unit makes such an impact. IVAN operates within Imperial County, which covers the lower east corner of Southern California and is bordered by Mexico to the south and Arizona to the east. Most of the area is low desert with a few small cities and many thousands of acres of farmland growing many types of produce. The area is warm all year, but during the summer months it is always hot; temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees for consecutive weeks. IVAN Air Support is a part of The Imperial County Narcotics Task Force (ICNTF),which originated in 1973 to combat local and regional drug trafficking and gangs. Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies take part in the task force by sharing information and intelligence from many sources. The task force is governed by a board of directors chosen from participating agencies that include the Imperial County District Attorney’s Office, the Imperial police department, Imperial County Probation, U.S. Border Patrol, California Highway Patrol, Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, and Homeland Security Investigations. ICNTF’s chairman of the board is District Attorney Gilbert Otero, and its commander is Mike Loyd. The IVAN Air Support Unit formed in 2011, with the purchase of a Robinson R44 LE helicopter. Since the program’s establishment, its chief pilot has been Donald Wharton. [Read More...]

ImperialCountyR44_01_OpenerV1.2.jpg  ImperialCountyR44_02.JPG  ImperialCountyR44_03.JPG  ImperialCountyR44_04.JPG  ImperialCountyR44_05.JPG  ImperialCountyR44_07.JPG  ImperialCountyR44_08.JPG  ImperialCountyR44_09.JPG 

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When doing a profile on Kurt Robinson, plan on an early interview—as in 7:00 a.m. early. That’s when he’ll be taking your call. Of course, the chairman and president of Robinson Helicopter Company will have already been in his office about an hour, reading the Wall Street Journal, answering emails, and talking to contacts in Europe. Still, he understands that some people just start late. Robinson is motivated to work early so that he can get home early. “I like to leave the office by 5:00 so that I can spend time with my family,” he says. “We always try to eat dinner together. Sometimes I get out of here at 6:00, but that’s generally a bad thing. I guard my time away from work as much as I can. I don’t really have a lot of time off, so when I do it’s really important to spend time with my wife and two kids.” And therein lies an insight into Robinson: The name is synonymous with both a pioneering aviation business and a proud family. [Read More...]

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OEM Action 2015

Posted by jhadmin

2015 promises to be an exciting year in helicopter development, as OEMs push the envelope on advanced technologies to deliver more speed, higher flight ceilings, and improved fuel efficiency. Here are some of the most exciting trends to watch for over the next 12 months, some of which will be seen at Heli-Expo 2015. [Read More...]

OEM_Action_2015_Agusta169.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_Agusta609.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_AirbusEC135.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_AirbusEC145.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_Bell505.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_Bell525.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_BellV280.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_CompositeHelicopters_2.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_Marenco_SKYe1.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_MDHelicopters_530.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_MDHelicoptersCockpit.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_RobinsonR66_Inflated.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_RobinsonR66_Uninflated.jpg  OEM_Action_2015_SikorskyRaider.jpg 

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