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Bell 407 of the National Police: Hawks that Watch the Colombian Cities

Posted by jhadmin

Colombia historically has been a country full of security challenges. For more than five decades, its military and police forces were engaged in a bloody fight against armed terrorist groups and drug trafficking organizations that claimed more than 220,000 lives. These armed organizations such as FARC (in English, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia) unfortunately brought Colombia an international reputation for high levels of violence and cocaine production. The extended internal conflict in this South American country has led to improvements in military and police capacity and equipment. Colombian armed forces once lagging behind in technology and operational readiness are now strong, trained, and global benchmark institutions in the fight against terrorist organizations and illegal drug trafficking. The National Police of Colombia’s Police Air Service is an integral part of this transformation. Since its founding in 1958 with a few Cessna 206 aircraft to control crime, this unit attached to the Anti-Narcotics Directorate has boosted its capabilities and exponentially increased its aircraft fleet. Thanks to the help of the United States, the Police Air Service currently has in its inventory 80 helicopters and 60 airplanes that record a total of about 42,000 flight hours annually to support police operations in both rural and urban missions. [Read More...]

Copy-of-Colombia--PD-01.jpg  Copy-of-Colombia--PD-02.jpg  Copy-of-Colombia--PD-03.jpg  Copy-of-Colombia--PD-04-v.2.jpg  Copy-of-Colombia--PD-05.jpg  Copy-of-Colombia--PD-06.jpg  Copy-of-Colombia--PD-07.jpg  Copy-of-Colombia--PD-08.jpg  Copy-of-Colombia--PD-09.jpg  Copy-of-Colombia--PD-10.jpg 

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