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Military to Civilian - Six Things No One Tells You About Transitioning

Posted by jhadmin

1. We underestimate the expense of transitioning. Transitioning from the military takes more time and money than you might imagine. Take all these into account: Tricare, health insurance, final move, VA, ID cards, car registration, drivers license, travel claims and job hunting. Your transition will be a lengthy, expensive, full-time undertaking. [Read More...]

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Gain Your Cumulative Advantage

Posted by jhadmin

When it comes to the art of networking, the fact of the matter is that none of us have an inherent advantage over anybody else. Humans do not come from the womb imbued with the “Great Networker” gene. Networking is, in fact, a learned skill that (like all skills) becomes easier and more natural the more it is practiced. By definition, networking is the exchange of information or services between individuals, groups, or institutions. Specifically, networking is the “cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.” Typically, these connections are created and enhanced through conversation, be it face-to-face, email, phone, or video chat. The importance of becoming an effective networker cannot be overstated during an individual’s military-to-civilian transition. Beginning as early as possible is vital in order to reduce one’s overall level of stress, while increasing the likelihood of a streamlined transition to the civilian workforce. [Read More...]

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