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The List

Posted by jhadmin

When I was transitioning out of the military, my friend, Nico, told me that there are three things that will influence job satisfaction: location, pay, and your boss. “If you are lucky you will get two of the three,” he said. Nico later modified the list to include schedule and equipment bringing the total to five, and you are lucky if you get three out of the five. The advantage we had in the military was that every two to three years we would move, but in civilian industry you may be at the same job for many years, so choose your career wisely. [Read More...]

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Military to Civilian - Six Things No One Tells You About Transitioning

Posted by jhadmin

1. We underestimate the expense of transitioning. Transitioning from the military takes more time and money than you might imagine. Take all these into account: Tricare, health insurance, final move, VA, ID cards, car registration, drivers license, travel claims and job hunting. Your transition will be a lengthy, expensive, full-time undertaking. [Read More...]

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