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Flying high over the Super Bowl; CBP enforces TFR no-fly zone

Posted by jhadmin

It’s no surprise that U.S. Customs and Border Protection is involved in protecting our nation’s borders and rescuing people from natural disasters. Probably fewer people know that CBP’s varied duties also include enforcing Temporary Flight Restrictions at NFL Super Bowls and other major events. While TFR enforcement duties are similar no matter what the national security special event – from a Republican National Convention to a NATO Conference – there’s nothing quite like the annual Super Bowl that attracts more than one million people to the game and related events throughout the week. [Read More...]

A_CBP_Superbowl_1_HR-v2.gif  A_CBP_Superbowl_2_HR.gif  A_CBP_Superbowl_3_HR.gif  A_CBP_Superbowl_6_HR.gif  A_CBP_Superbowl_11_HR.gif  A_CBP_Superbowl_12.gif  A_CBP_Superbowl_14.gif  A_CBP_Superbowl_15.gif 

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