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Executive Watch - Dave Schreck, Vice President and General Manager for Military Avionics and Helicopters at Collins Aerospace

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In 1982, offensive lineman Dave Schreck was coming to the end of his college football career. His team had gone 8-5 and beat Vanderbilt University in a bowl game. It was the first winning season in over ten years at the Air Force Academy and the team not only beat Army and Navy to win the coveted Commander in Chief’s trophy for the first time, but also scored their first victory ever over a ranked Notre Dame team. Schreck finished the year being inducted First Team All-WAC (Western Athletic Conference) selection—and was also one of ten players nationwide selected for a scholarship by the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame. He garnered these athletic and academic accolades not at some “football factory” school, but at The United States Air Force Academy. Now, that’s noteworthy. His success both on—and off—the field at the Colorado Springs academy would open up a new world in a coming Air Force and corporate career for the young cadet who hailed from the quaint town of Coon Rapids, Iowa. “My goal was not to get out of small-town Iowa. I loved small-town life and where I grew up, but the Air Force Academy opened a new set of doors for me that I never knew existed. Looking back on the chain of events that started with my graduation from there just amazes me—the Air Force gave me so many opportunities,” Schreck says. “For example, I never dreamed I’d work in the White House, but the Air Force gave me that opportunity. I’ve traveled to all 50 states in my career, as well as over 25 countries. Up until age 17 my sphere of travel was limited to states adjacent to Iowa.” [Read More...]

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