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Executive Watch - John Talmadge, Director of Worldwide Sales, Avidyne

Posted by jhadmin

John Talmadge, director of worldwide sales for avionics company, Avidyne, says he didn’t choose to work in the helicopter industry; instead, he was born into it. “My dad was a Vietnam War pilot, doing what he called his (high school) ‘senior trip’ to Southeast Asia in 1970,” Talmadge says. “They had nose art on their aircraft back then. The lady painted on his helicopter had a baby bump. That bump was me.” [Read More...]

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Executive Watch - Mark Tyler, Precision Aircraft Services

Posted by jhadmin

For over two decades, Precision Aircraft Services (PAS) has been steadily building and maintaining a reputation as a top-tier avionics and maintenance shop. Located at Atlanta Regional Airport in Peachtree City, the company garnered the Garmin Award for Performance Excellence and in 2013 became an Authorized Dealer and Service Center for Robinson Helicopters. The next year, PAS became an Authorized Service Center for Airbus Helicopters. The subsidiary of Precision Aviation Group (PAG) is now an avionics dealer for over 80 manufacturers, and is known for its 24/7 service availability. At the helm of this smoothly running maintenance machine is Precision Aircraft Services Vice President and General Manager Mark Tyler, perhaps the only vice president we’ve profiled that keeps a toolbox within reach as a stressbuster. “If it gets too stressful in the office, I get out there and turn some wrenches to relax,” he says. [Read More...]

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