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Omni Táxi Aéreo Serving the Offshore Community During COVID-19

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Omni Táxi Aéreo (“Omni”), Brazil’s largest and most diversified helicopter operator, is committed to adapting its procedures and safely serving the offshore energy community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brazil’s offshore installations are an essential part of the world’s energy infrastructure. There are over 140 active offshore units contributing 93% of Brazil’s O&G output, and each unit requires up to 200 professionals for safe operation. Omni is acting decisively during this exceptional period to provide safe continuity of service to the offshore community. Specifically, Omni has undertaken the following:

  • Established an Omni Health Team including medical professionals working 24/7 monitoring our organization´s health status, adjusting to disruptions, dispatching and monitoring COVID-19 evacuation flights, and communicating with customers in real time
  • Employing a medical professional to assess and screen all passengers on all flights, without exception
  • Re-configured four AW139 and S76C helicopters strategically based in Macae and Rio de Janeiro, each with a dedicated medical professional, to screen, monitor, ensure proper separation protocols, and debrief each COVID-19 mission with the Omni Health Team
  • Instituted frequent deep cleaning and disinfection procedures with dedicated oversight for all our bases and aircraft
  • Established and constantly improving a ‘fit-for-purpose’ personal protective equipment policy for key personnel 
  • Made our ATR-42 available (with updated COVID-19 separation procedures) to transport workers between Macae, Cabo Frio, and Rio de Janeiro at a time of highly disrupted air and road travel

“These measures are designed to provide reassurance and the highest quality of care to our employees, our customers and their families at this critical time”, said Roberto Coimbra, CEO of Omni Táxi Aéreo. “During this period of uncertainty, our entire team is committed to providing safe and comprehensive service to keep the offshore community going.”

Omni is taking the advice of the Brazilian authorities, the Center for Disease Control and global health care experts as it strives to deliver best-in-class-service to its community.

About Omni Táxi Aéreo
OTA has been safely serving the oil and gas industry in Brazil for nearly 20 years, transporting passengers and cargo to further the country’s energy initiatives. It operates a diverse fleet of 60 helicopters and was the first to introduce the super medium class in Brazil. OTA was founded on principles of safety, customer service, and innovation and is proud to serve its strong national and international customers with their daily transportation needs. 

For additional information, please visit www.omnibrasil.com.br

About Omni Helicopters International
Lisbon-based OHI sets culture, fleets, strategy, and investments in local operators across Brazil (OTA), Mozambique (OHIM), Nigeria (OHN), and other key oil and gas markets servicing the offshore and onshore energy sectors.  The principles of OHI are firmly rooted in safety, local content, and innovative market solutions.

For additional information, please visit www.ohi.pt

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