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Archive: December 2015


Helicopter On Fire - Who, Me??

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The first time I heard this story, I thought it was a Gulf myth. I didn't believe it. But then I saw the photographic evidence. It was kind of interesting. Irrefutable. Good grief. Yep. Many years ago, on a sunny day in the Gulf of Mexico, this event actually happened... A helicopter 'communications center' is, if you like, is the 'eye in the head shed'. It's a large room, with lots of telephones ringing, lots of screens, and lots of people hunched over those screens, and quietly cursing the telephones. . Out there, somewhere, lots of little helicopters are plying their trade. Pilots are calling the commcenter, and the commcenter is calling pilots. Position reports, landing reports, flight plans... [Read More...]

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Helicopter Maintenance Tips - December 2015

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Another Bendix booklet, but for the good old C28. Appreciate all the support from the peanut gallery this year. And as requested, look for some changes next year as I add new content and info. Enjoy. [Read More...]

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