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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info - December 2017

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Well, we made another year. Thanks for your support. Next year, I plan to expand the “daily preflight check” format we’ve been using with the Lama tips to other airframes. Will probably start with a 407 or AS350 before I lose those memories too… [Read More...]

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The Vuichard Recovery What’s all the hype?

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A student I was training for a night vision goggle (NVG) instructor course was tasked to teach a segment on confined area operations. The student lesson plan included settling-with-power as a consideration when conducting confined area operations. The scenario I provided for the student was that this confined area operation would be conducted at night using NVGs. The recovery technique the student selected to teach was the Vuichard Recovery, which is a lateral recovery method that provides a more expeditious recovery with minimal altitude loss. [Read More...]

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Integrity your Biggest Asset

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When I speak to new pilots in the industry at HeliSuccess in Las Vegas, I stress the importance of maintaining one’s integrity and recount the most impactful decision I ever made. Following my moral compass, would mean losing my job and potentially destroy a dream I’d had for 10 years—flying a helicopter in Southern California. [Read More...]

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