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Best Aviation Unit in the World

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I received a message from a person responding to comments I’d made on my professional Face Book page that deals with crew resource management topics, about the UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter crash that occurred back in March 10, 2015 off the coast of Florida. The crew, who was extremely experienced, had lost spatial orientation when doing an overwater exercise in sea fog killing the crew of 4 and the 7 soldiers on board. The aircraft was from the Louisiana National Guard. The person who wrote to me concluded, “The LA guard is the best aviation unit in the world.” [Read More...]

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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info - May 2017

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An interesting development in the investigation of the EC225 that lost its M/R in flight last year. [Read More...]

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Caution...Flight Instructor On-board!

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I am very happy to report that the accident rate for helicopters in the United States continue a downward trend. This should be the goal of each helicopter operator and pilot. However, the accidents we do have are not new, we just keep having the same accidents repeatedly. One such mission segment that has long stood out for having a higher than average accident rate is flight training. [Read More...]

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