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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info - June 2017

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A follow up to last month’s blog tidbit on the Airbus 225 accident in Norway. Ran across an interesting article detailing the inner workings of the Super Puma main transmission and how it relates to the failure of the Norway aircraft. [Read More...]

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Not all Twins are Alike

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“But all twins are not alike”, I said to the air medical flight doctor who is very keen to make it mandatory that all air medical programs in America operate twin-engine helicopters. He replied, “I wasn’t aware of that.” [Read More...]

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Faulty Training = Failed Checkride

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Many of the helicopters utilized in today’s training market are equipped with an engine governor. The governor assists the pilot with managing and maintaining appropriate engine/rotor RPM to safely operate the helicopter. When conducting system failure training, the engine governor will be turned off and the pilot will be required to manipulate the throttle manually. In situations where the engine governor fails and mismanages engine/rotor RPM, the pilot may be required to isolate or turn off the governor. Adequate training and proficiency is critical in these situations. [Read More...]

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